glenwood springs getaway

Glenwood Springs: a magical, must-see destination in Colorado for all good reasons.

It seems this place was made for a perfect weekend getaway. With the most beautiful hike to Hanging Lake, a quaint town with cute shops and restaurants, and a relaxing hot springs to soak after a long day spent in the mountains, it has everything you need to get your mountain fix.

While the drive from Denver may seem far (about three hours), the views the entire way there were completely worth it. Plus, the incredible 70 degree weather didn’t hurt.

If you’re in town, I highly recommend¬†Deja Brew, a charming, local coffee shop with incredible coffee, tasty breakfast burritos (we got the veggie bean – so good!), and the most delicious zucchini bread (we almost drove back for more).

Hiking to Hanging Lake 

The hike to Hanging Lake was about 2.4 miles round trip. Since there was still snow and ice in areas, it made it more difficult to hike in parts. You literally see everyone slipping, sliding, and falling at times (myself included), and quite frankly, it’s the most hilarious thing to watch. It’s like an olympic event, watching how each person comes down the trail, what tricks they add, deducting points for falls, and scoring on how graceful they are lol.

But seriously, look at how unreal this place is…

Hanging Lake hike

Pine trees

Hanging lake canyon view

Hanging Lake in Glenwood Springs

Hanging Lake views

Hanging Lake views with Kristin

Blue Jay

Winter view of Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake water and mountains

Hiking to Hanging Lake


Hanging Lake

Angela at Hanging Lake

This place never gets old. Each new season brings out a beauty of its own. Can’t wait to visit again for another mountain escape.




Let the crow sing

Let the wolf howl

Let the birds chirp

Let the cattle groan


Rise baby rise,

Sing only your song

Dance only your steps,

Rise baby rise


Feel the ground,

Feel the sky slip

And just past your grasp


Rise baby rise,

Lift those weary eyes

Hear the world’s cry

Rise baby rise