rise with the sun in loveland


Let the crow sing
Let the wolf howl
Let the birds chirp
Let the cattle groan
Rise baby rise,
Sing only your song
Dance only your steps,
Rise baby rise
Feel the ground,
Feel the sky slip
And just past your grasp
Rise baby rise,
Lift those weary eyes
Hear the world’s cry
Rise baby rise

Getting up at 4:30 am is definitely not naturally my first choice. However, I will say that rising with the sun at Loveland Pass, surrounded by mountain peaks, was one of the most breathtaking and awe-inspiring sights I have seen in Colorado. As you hike up the mountain, the sun changes hues from lavender and light pinks to bold red-orange and yellows.

Even with just three hours of sleep and frigid temperatures, I felt incredibly alive. The sun woke me up with not only its light, but with its fleeting beauty. Here and gone, sunrises remind me that every day is a new beginning with fresh starts and surprises. So if you don’t normally get to catch the sunrise because you enjoy sleep too much (like me), I challenge you to also¬†get up early one of these days. After all, it is not the moments you got a lot of sleep that you remember, am I right?…

– Angela