spring is in the air

Spring is in the air!

Seasons are changing. I’m a believer that as seasons change, we also evolve. We immerse ourselves in new experiences and things. We adapt to our environments. We bring out new parts of ourselves. Change is good. Change enables growth. Change enables challenge. Change enables self-awareness. Change enables reflection. Change enables you to flourish. And spring is all about new beginnings…

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To get excited about spring, these are some things I want to do!

  • Picnics in the park: can’t go wrong with a meat and cheese board, fruits, bread, chilled wine, and sunnies.
  • Travel: cue travel season – yes, travel is a year round activity, but what’s better than traveling in the spring when the weather warms up and the days grow longer (not to mention that it’s #bloomin this time of year)? Traveling in the spring is also great because you just beat the summer crowds and can usually find better deals on flights. Whether it’s a trip near or far, it’s time to seek out new adventures!
  • Climbing: I want to move the indoor climbing to the outdoors! I’ve only climbed outdoors twice, and it’s definitely an adrenaline filled experience (it’ll also help me work on conquering my slight fear of heights and falling).
  • Hiking: winter hasn’t kept me from hiking, but it’ll definitely be more fun hiking without slipping on ice and in the warmth. I also have an ambitious goal to climb 5 new fourteeners this year!
  • Weekends at the farmer’s market: weekend farmer’s markets are truly special. I have special memories visiting the farmer’s market with my one of my best friends back when I lived in Salt Lake City. Limeade, flowers, fresh produce, local crafts and jewelry…nothing quite like it.
  • Make flower bouquets: a girl’s best friend – tulips, sunflowers, peonies, baby breath, daisies, and snapdragons to name just a few…this is the time to #treatyoself.
  • Read outside: I want to try and read more, and what’s better than reading outside where there’s natural lighting and fresh air?
  • Eat lots of ice cream 
    • Sample a flight of flavors at High Point Creamery (yet to try this place)
    • Sweet Action Ice Cream has some of the best and unique variety of homemade flavors that constantly change.
    • Little Man Ice Cream also has ever-changing unique and traditional flavors served in their classic waffle cone.
  • Patio bars and coffee shops: a nice cocktail or cold beer on a deck is perfect for enjoying the blossoming flowers and trees. And I love coffee shops anytime of the year – summer, fall, winter, and spring! Now I’ll just be switching it up with some iced coffee and cold brews to stay refreshed.

– Angela



denver’s bellwether: coffee done right

One of my favorite things to do is try out new coffee shops. Each shop has its own style, character, and taste. Each shop an art exhibit, showcasing carefully brewed and crafted beverages. Each beverage fit for a unique person and personality.

These small shops awaken all senses – observe the latte art being poured delicately, feel the warmth gradually vacate the mug and transfer to your palms, pour the liquid from the rim to your lips, taste the creamy bitterness and the acidic, sweet, and full-bodied undertones, allow your body to slowly wake and absorb in the present.

A recent visit to Bellwether Coffee in Denver was absolutely on point.

This coffee shop infuses Western, rustic, modern, edgy, and artistic vibes. It serves coffee, but also whiskey. It also serves as a fashion retail shop and barbershop. This place has it all down to the details – the matches in the bathroom, the blue neon lights above the descending staircase, the mirror puns, the painted wall art, the skulls, the succulents, the wooden tables, and best of all, the quality and smoothness of its coffee.

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If you’re into trying different coffee shops and want a place with grit and style, I highly recommend Bellwether, a unique addition on East Colfax.