bangkok’s weekend markets and shopping

It still amazes me how in just one day I can be transported to the other side of the world. West to East. Freezing to hot. Familiar to foreign. It’s even more amazing how much you can see and do in just one day. 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, and 86,400 seconds to divide and conquer. The trip started with a quick stop in Taipei before setting off to Bangkok for the first time.

 SLC –> Taipei, Taiwan

A hidden cafe in Tianmu

Bangkok, Thailand

Today was simply about exploring all of Bangkok’s infamous weekend markets and shopping extravaganzas. Chatuchak street market, Or Kor Tor food and agriculture market, Siam Paragon (said to be the largest of shopping centers in all of Asia), Central World, Big C, and Chinatown. Might I add, all are absolutely packed with locals and tourists. Hot pink and lime green taxis line up on the streets alongside tuk tuks. The smell of salty fish, coconut, mango, curry, and smoke mix with the polluted air. The sounds of American pop songs, incessant honking, and loud chatter fill the streets, making itself known to all that indeed, it is a big city. This is Bangkok: alive with noise, bustle, endless food, markets, and color. Constant movement.


Pretty blooms at the Chatuchak weekend market

Phuang Malai flower garlands

Mounds of garlic

Nothing like fresh guava at the Or Tor Kor food market

Thailand soccer victory?

Siam Paragon

Delicious mango sticky rice



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