big island, big adventures

Two weeks ago, I packed my bags and said ‘see ya later’ to my corporate office job and headed for a vacation to Hawaii the Big Island. So many have people have told me how amazing Hawaii is and vacation there all the time. I had seen beautiful pictures and gotten an idea of the whole island-beach-life, but to be honest, for a while I had thought Hawaii was overrated. I thought it was just mainly beaches and not too much else. But this trip shattered my preconceptions…there is so much to explore!

While flights took up almost a full day, the (then) four hour time difference helped extend my stay. I arrived in Hilo on a Wednesday afternoon to an incredibly small airport that takes you outside after just walking down one hall. I was incredibly excited to see my boyfriend for the first time in almost four months! He’s currently studying at University of Hilo for the semester. So, we rented a car, and off we went to begin a series of big adventures in a small amount of time.

Day 1

Cam and I

Rainbow Falls

Exploring sights off the Hamakua Coast

Akaka Falls

Waipio Valley

Laupahoehoe Beach

Day 2

Rainy day, but we’re set!

Beautiful ferns

Lava tube

Hiking craters

Loco moco overeasy

Day 3

Richardson Ocean Park

Getting ready to snorkel!


Lava tube on Halloween night

Zero and Agatha at the top of Mauna Kea Observatory

Day 4

Bamboo, my favorite!

Liliuokalani Japanese Gardens

Kava Bar

Lava Tree State Park

Tidal Waves, one last snorkel

The Big Island made me quickly adore its quirkiness in just four days: roosters became reliable alarm clocks, napping on the side of the road became a reasonable full-time job, tsunami lookout towers were the size of a mini-tree house, avocados were the size of grapefruits, lemons were the size of footballs, painted signs were for all things, including puddles, mongoose roam about instead of rabbits, and hitch hiking, vagabond hippies are a normal encounter.

Cheers to a warm, adventure-filled, and sweet time spent with the best adventure buddy I could ask for.

Till next time Hawaii!


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